Current Status and Future Plan of The Project

Letter from the lead developer Hong Jen Yee (洪任諭):

Dear users,
Thank you all for using my software and supporting the project.
I would like to continue improving the software, and make new releases.
I promise I will, but unfortunately, I cannot do it now.
Although I've developed some programs, I'm not a programmer.
Actually, I'm a medical student who will be graduate soon.
Currently, I'm working in Taichung Veterans General Hospital as an intern doctor.
My daily life in the past year was spent in the hospital for internship training.

To be honest, I'm not a good medical student in the past.
I always spent too much time in other fields, such as computer programming,
and left only minimal time for my study.
Apparently, this is not a good idea for a doctor-to-be.
So, I need to stop the development of the project temporarily.

In 2008, I'll spend more time on my profession.
After all, dealing with lives of human is not as easy as computer programming.
"Debugging the human body" and trying to figure out what's wrong is really challanging,
especially when God didn't give us any "source code".
The whole medicine was based on reverse-engineering of the human body.
(Well, here you know the importance of open source....)

So, please stay tunned.  I'll be back once I got time.
A new release in 2008 was already planned, but not scheduled.
If you are intrested in and capable of helping the development, please contact me.
Otherwise, good patch files are always welcomed. 

Thank you very much for supporting the project.
Best regards and happy hacking!

                                                                               Hong Jen Yee (洪任諭), 2008-01-14